Welcome To Alison Unleashed Downtown!

Alison Unleashed Downtown is focused on providing a positive and loving experience for your pups whatever service is provided. We have been walking dogs for over 7 years and have extensive experience with all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs. Our small on leash groups are suitable for well socialized, leash trained pups.

We take 3 or 4 pups and go to different parks and areas around downtown. Private and semi-private on leash walks are also available for those pups not suited to leash free parks or who need some experience/training with on leash walking. Certified in Pet First Aid, Fully Insured and bonded.


Group Walks

$23 for 1 hr

  • On leash
  • 3 - 4 Dogs

Semi-Private Walks

$30 for 1 hr

  • On leash
  • 2 Dogs

Private Walks

$36 for 1 hr

$30 for 45 Minutes

$24 for 30 Minutes

All Prices are subject to HST
All services 2 per week minimum

On Leash Group Walk (1 hr)

Fun walk with 3 to 4 dogs on leash around the neighborhood for fresh air, exercise and socialization. One hour pickup to drop off. Appropriate for all well socialized dogs who walk well on leash and are friendly when greeting other pups and people.
Minimum: 2 groups per week

Semi-Private Walks

On leash walks through local streets and parks with just one other pup. Appropriate for pups who walk fairly well on leash and are good with small groups and/or individual dogs or people. Social skills and walking skills can be developed for those not experienced.
Minimum: 2 walks per week

Private Walks

On leash walks through local streets and parks where we modify the approach based on your pups needs and interests. Appropriate for puppies, seniors or any dogs who prefer to do strictly solo on leash walking.
Minimum: 2 walks per week



The team are exceptional. They’re incredibly helpful, polite, and provide a very considerate and flexible service. The added advantage is, in addition to dog walking, they’re incredibly knowledgeable in the sense they have helped with our dogs obedience and are also dog lovers themselves.

Vanessa Hurley

Alison and her team are amazing! My dog comes home tired and happy!

Tessa Moffs

I have absolute love and trust for Alison Unleashed I never worry about my boy when he is with them. What a fantastic service.

Furry Friends



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